Weight Log for Dory

weight log for Dory

269 lb – 4 June 2017

266.8 lb – 19 June 2017

260.6 lb – 30 June 2017  *reboot start*

258.6 lb – 1 July 2017

256.2 lb – 2 July 2017


As with most women, I imagine my weight loss is a bit different from a man who can stick to his guns like Doofus.  Once he had decided he is going to do something, that’s it.

My weight this from March this year..

weight 26 June

so in actual fact I am still heavier than I was in the beginning of March.

We had a long holiday period in March/April where I put on over a stone, and it just started coming off nicely when we had another at the beginning of June, hence the yoyo effect I am sure most women are familiar with, along with monthly bloat and hormonal changes, so to see a downward slope that stays that way is an achievement for me!

weight from june

dory weight june - july

reboot weight…

dory weight juice reboot