Ten day juice reboot

Yesterday,  (30 June 2017) Doofus and I started a ten day juice reboot.  Today its the morning of day 2, and I don’t actually feel deprived, I had the best night sleep I have had in months and am looking forward to the rest of the day.  I must admit, part of the appeal is not spending ages in the kitchen preparing meals!  That’s a bonus but I daresay the novelty will wear off as we get further into the 10 days.

Yesterday (day 1) was fine in the morning.   Doofus has a few days off work while we start this, it got harder as the day went on, and we ended up watching movies in the middle of the afternoon.  More to take the mind off food rather than cos we enjoyed them.  It was a glorious day, the kind of day that makes it perfect for a barbeque, and my mouth was watering at the thought of a steak.  Not that I even particularly enjoy steak lately, its more of an association with hot summer days, a good meal and a glass of wine, so we hibernated and watched movies in the cool of the house, and stuck to our juice diet.  We also drank lots of water to help us fill up, it helped.

Today we are going to try and be busy during the day, gardening to do, mowing the grass and trimming, we cant avoid the summer days just to avoid the food thoughts so we have to face it head on today.

Breakfast was a juice of blueberry, apple, pear and lime.  It was rather nice and made a refreshing change from the 6 litres of green juice we made yesterday!

We cleaned the grocery store out of kale yesterday, the fridge is packed full of healthy stuff, we are following Joe Cross’s Fat Sick and Nearly Dead mean green juice for most of the day, and having fruit juice for breakfast.


Mean green juice

4 apples

8 stems of celery

16 kale leaves

2″ piece of ginger

1 lemon

2 cucumbers


We don’t seem to be detoxing as such, and certainly do not have the symptoms as described in the movie, but we have been following a vegetarian whole food diet for a while now, with occasional treats of meat (once or twice a week max), and the week before we started the reboot we had no processed food or meat at all.  I think I went through my detox last week, which was probably a bonus, so I’d recommend doing a week of vegetarian eating before you start, it helps a lot!


We had been eating healthily for a week, and started to lose some weight (I will add the weight charts later), but on Thursday, before we started our juice detox, we had a bit of a treat and went to the local Chinese Buffet, knowing we were going to be juicing for 10 days.  We both chose quite healthily, or so we thought, rice, veg, just a small amount of meat, noodles etc, and a small portion of ice cream.  Following a week of slowly losing, the next morning, the day at the start of our juice reboot, Doofus had gained 5lb and I had gained 4.  I put that down to the sodium and whatever additives were in the food causing us to gain fluid.  As a result of that, our starting weight has been revised to show that.  Hopefully it will come off quickly!

weight on day 1 of reboot

Doofus: 271 lb

Dory: 260.6 lb


Day 2

Doofus: 266 lb = -5lb

Dory: 258.6 = -2lb




In the beginning…


Welcome to our blog!

We decided to write about our journey on a plant based diet, to try and reverse heart health (him) and fibromyalgia and arthritis (her).

This blog will be a record of our thoughts, actions and results over the coming months and years.  Aiming for the long term!


Introducing… Doofus

60 year old man with a host of medical problems, including Congestive Heart Failure, Atrial Fibrulation and leaking valves, with a touch of Pulmonary Hypertension, borderline COPD and over weight thrown in for good measure.

Stats:  height 5′ 9″, weight 271 lb


and Dory!

50 year old woman with a terrible memory due to Fibrofog, medical problems include Fybromyalgia, Cervical Spondylosis, Gallstones, Arthritis and classed as Clinically Obese.

Stats:  height 5′ 3″, weight 268.6 lb


Aims and Inspiration

Our aim is for both of us to lose weight via a healthy plant based eating programme, and hopefully reverse the illnesses we currently have.

Our inspiration comes from a number of films and documentaries we have watched recently which advocate a plant based diet, where results can include reversal of illness, heart issues and regaining general health and losing weight.   These include:

Forks over Knives

Fat, Sick and nearly Dead

Food Matters

Food Inc

Food Choices

and a whole load of others I’ll add later when I remember them!